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Home is where the heart and food is, and we all have special moments with family and friends which have happened at a dinner table. Honey Salt is one of the prominent Las Vegas restaurants and wants to provide you with an ambiance of community and family with food to feed your soul.  Whether you’re a Summerlin local looking for the best brunch in Las Vegas or visiting the greater Las Vegas area and seeking a fresh, farm to table restaurant, let us welcome you to Honey Salt.

Our farm-to-table restaurant in Las Vegas offers you home comforts with quality ingredients. We worked vigorously to build a menu of classics and excitingly present them. You will feel you are back home with every bite you take.

Organic Concept of Home and Community

Honey Salt is one of the best off-strip restaurants focusing on local, seasonal ingredients. Honey Salt delivers a contemporary experience complemented by the warmth and style of its dedicated owners. We are serving chef-driven, farm-to-table cuisine with an emphasis on locally and regionally sourced ingredients in an approachable and comfortable setting.

Farm-to-table Inspired Menu

When you think of the comforts of home, it involves food so exquisite that you feel it down in your soul. Our menu uses only the most flavorful ingredients and home classics to provide you with the meals you have been craving, such as our Biloxi Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich, Elizabeth’s Caesar Salad, and Gramma Rosie’s Meatballs. We are passionate in our desire to bring the freshest possible products to Honey Salt and establish relationships with local farmers, fishermen, and growers who can provide the best meals possible.

Sitting with Friends and Family

The environment of Honey Salt is unlike most restaurants in Las Vegas. It is one of community and bringing people together through their love of food. Our restaurant is devoted to the memories we create with family and friends when we get together to eat. Patrons continue to come through the doors, making us one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas because of the feeling of home and community. You can bring your family or make new friends in our restaurant and share a love for fresh comfort foods.

About Elizabeth Blau and Chef Kim Canteenwalla

Long-time residents of Las Vegas, restauranteur Elizabeth Blau and Chef Kim Canteenwalla have spent their careers establishing impressive restaurants around the world and within the city. With resumes filled with upscale culinary establishments and experience with the biggest names in the food world, they are ready to show America how the desert does farm-to-table.

Honey Salt is the first collaborative venture for Blau and her husband. The concept of Honey Salt comes from the couple’s passion for entertaining and the memories created around a dinner table.

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