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Elizabeth Blau: Raising the Bar for Women’s Equality

In honor of National Women’s Equality Day 2018, we want to celebrate our own Elizabeth Blau, who has been a pioneer for female chefs, not only for Las Vegas restaurants but internationally.

womens equality day

Elizabeth Blau creates delicious dishes that are served at her establishments in Las Vegas and Canada.  Her successful endeavors are continuing to pave the way for up-and-coming female culinary talent.

While we feel every day should be Women’s Equality Day, let’s take a moment today to recognize her accolades for blazing trails and her dedication to her craft. 

The History of Women Chef

Women have come a long way in the realm of restaurants. In Early America, a common situation was wives partnering with husbands in operating dining rooms in taverns and inns.

But throughout the 19th century, women of all races and ethnicities were employed out of sight in kitchens, while men dominated management and the front of the house.

The number of women running restaurants of their own was also on the increase in the later 19th century. Positions started to evolve, and a slow increase in women hired to work behind lunch counters in the later century and in working women’s lunch clubs. 

Today, there are countless gifted female chefs and restaurateurs across the nation, and these women represent just a handful of the professionals who are contributing deliciousness to their local communities and leveling the culinary playing field.

Elizabeth Blau  

Elizabeth Blau is the founder and CEO of restaurant development company Blau + Associates, and has been wowing guest for the span of three decades with an impressive career.  She is credited with laying the foundation to  transform Las Vegas into the world-class culinary destination it is today.

blau and assoicates

Blau began her career with famed restaurateur Sirio Maccioni. Her hard work garnered the attention of casino developer Steve Wynn. She was able to bring award-winning chefs to join the company. 

In 2002, founded Blau + Associates, a firm dedicated to creating world-class hospitality experiences. Assembling an impressive team of experts, Blau quickly turned the firm into one of the foremost restaurant development companies in the field with an impressive client list that includes:

  • New York’s Rainbow Room
  • Montage Resorts
  • Ritz Carlton Hotels and Resorts
  • Netjets
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Trump Casinos
  • Viceroy Hotels and Resorts among many others.

She and her husband, award-winning chef Kim Canteenwalla, launched Society Café at Encore to rave reviews. This was in 2008, and Society Café quickly became a Las Vegas favorite, lauded as one of Esquire Magazines “Best New Restaurants of 2009.”

It was in 2012 that Hone Salt came to fruition. This was the first solo independent venture for Blau and Canteenwalla. Today the local hot spot serves the Las Vegas faithful the chance to be exposed more intimately with the couple’s culinary life.

This is because Honey Salt features the foods, drinks, and vibe they have shared with friends for years. The establishment did so well, the second Honey Salt opened in Vancouver, BC in 2017.

In partnership with TV’s Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, Blau + Associates landed on the Las Vegas Strip in 2013 with Buddy V’s Ristorante. This restaurant offers something different with Italian favorites. This time inspired by the Valastro family recipes.  

Also in the umbrella is the chic restaurant in Downtown Summerlin, Andiron Steak & Sea. In March 2015, in the posh shopping utopia to delight locals and visitors, Andiron continues to raise the dining experience in Las Vegas. Blau remains dedicated to serving both her industry and her community and her accolades among the industry are numerous.

  • Appeared as a judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef America
  • Annual judge for Hotel Magazine’s best restaurants
  • Featured on the Travel Channel and the Martha Stewart Show
  • Investor on the third season of CNBC’s Restaurant Startup alongside Tim Love and Joe Bastianich and is a member of OpenTable’s advisory board.

Blau passionately supports local organizations including Communities in Schools and Three Square, where she serves as the Culinary Council Chair to help eliminate hunger in Southern Nevada. Blau also serves as a trustee for the Culinary Institute of America, where she chairs the Education Policy committee, and also serves on the Global Advisory Board at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Connect at our next event

If you don’t know how to celebrate women’s equality day, come to Honey Salt. Especially, now that you know more about the amazing woman Elizabeth Blau is,  make sure to find out how amazing the food is at the Las Vegas restaurant Honey Salt.  So, don’t miss their next event, Taste of Cape Cod, on August 28th. Purchase tickets here, or visit our contact page to RSVP with us directly.


4 Ways to Celebrate International Beer Day

Affectionately known to avid beer drinkers as IBD, August 3rd is International Beer Day. You may not know about this fun holiday, but it is celebrated annually all over the globe. There are festivities in pubs, breweries, and backyards that include international beer day offers and specials. Any way you pour it, the day is for beer lovers to share a round of cheers in the greatness of beer.

Brew Up, Bro Out and Chill

Don’t even think about spending the day alone! Get your best group of compadres together because good friends plus great beer equals a fantastic time. Although going bottoms up with the drinks is a guaranteed good time, what drinking without a little bit of conversation.  Some of the best memories are made with your favorite company and some stouts.


Give the Gift of Ale

What’s better than beer? Free beer! I don’t think anyone would refuse your complimentary serving (or servings) their favorite brew. You can make it a tradition to make International Beer Day your official day of servitude and giving by buying a round your friends! This holiday is also the opportune time to shine by reciting your best beer cheers for your friends like:

“Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. So why not get wasted and have the time of our life?”

“There are steel ships and wood ships, but the best ships are FRIENDSHIPS!”

Still stumped on what to say, check out Buzzfeed’s article for ideas on international beer day cheers.

Get Social… Media.

What better way to practice your social media skills that on a beer model. With so many to choose from, show the best of international beer day offers through your own social media platform.

Food and Drink pictures are super popular on all social platforms, so today would be a great day to post something that’s trending. You can join in the fun and start hashtagging. #InternationalBeerDay.

international beer day

Cheers to the Brewer and Tips to the Bartender

When you tip, we tip, they tip! This would be the day to honor the thousands of men and women that devote their lives to providing us with the best hospitality and service and hosting good times for all. They have committed to pouring a variety of beers and cocktails, and we can salute and honor our most trusted bartenders on International Beer Day.  Whether it’s showing your appreciation through words in a note, a bigger than usual tip, or a sentimental verbal thanks, they will surely appreciate the love you show them on this day.

Celebrate at Honey Salt

Honey Salt is the best place to go to celebrate this fun holiday. Whether you are coming for a group gathering our an intimate dinner, Honey Salt is the destination. For more information visit honeysalt.com.

Celebrate National Tequila Day with a Tacos & Tequila Dinner

There’s no better way to celebrate summer, and National Tequila Day, than with a Tacos and Tequila dinner! Honey Salt is hosting a fun fiesta group dining experience on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 at 6:30 pm. Executive chef Anthony Taormina is preparing this Latin-inspired feast. Honey Salt bartenders will be mixing up specialty cocktails that can be paired with each delicious course!

Tacos & Tequila Pairing

The history of the coupled food and drink

The fun alliterated pair of tacos and tequila is not only fun to say but even more pleasurable to enjoy for a complete experience of a taco and tequila dinner. But the food and beverage couple, which started out as singles, each has a unique history. According to  Miami Culinary Tours, The word “taco” had its inception in the 18th century. When men went into silver mines in Mexico, a taco was referred to as paper wrapped around gunpowder. But, as most things evolve, foodies are appreciative of it’s application to the delicious morsel that consists of a combination of a corn or wheat tortilla and then is filled with meat, vegetables, rice, and/or spices. In the perfect pairing, Tequila is more than a distilled spirit; it’s a cultural icon of Mexico. Tequila is one of the most internationally recognized flavors of Mexico. It’s less well-known cousin, mezcal, is an equally important part of the Mexican cultural landscape and both spirits evoke the true essence of Mexico as the law dictates that tequila and mezcal can only be manufactured in Mexico.

taco and tequila dinner

Muy Delicioso Menu Items

What’s on the menu  

The Watermelon Margarita will be the umbrella drink for the dinner party. The food fiesta kicks off with a trio of items. Chips & Dips, which is a Guacamole, salsa verde charred chili salsa queso Blanco. Another item, to begin with, will be Shrimp & Scallop Ceviche with a tequila cilantro dressing. Then there is Pork Belly Chicharrones. The yummy-ness continues with an interactive experience to Build your own taco. Options include pork carnitas, barbacoa beef, tequila lime chicken and blackened mahi-mahi. Tacos will be supplemented with authentic street corn smothered with cilantro, lime queso cotija, and ancho chili. The sweet finish is Churros con Chocolate which is a tres leches custard covered in Mexican hot chocolate.

It’s Time to Fiesta!

Make sure to join Honey Salt on Tuesday, July 24th to celebrate National Tequila Day. RSVP before July 24th to secure your spot for a fun group dining in Las Vegas experience. Tickets start at $49, and there is a $25 upgrade for a beverage pairing. Purchase tickets here, or visit the website for more information on Honey Salt.

Summer Farm Table Dinner: June 19, 2018

Chef Anthony Taormina presents Honey Salt’s Summer Farm Table Dinner. The evening will be a celebration of his passion for seasonality. Many believe it difficult to cultivate food in the desert, but Chef Anthony proves it can be done all year in his own garden. Please join us for a fun-filled evening as Chef invites you to celebrate National Vegetarian Month with a signature menu featuring the freshest local produce!

$49 per person  |  $25 beverage pairing (optional)

View the menu and Purchase your tickets here!

Job Opportunities at Honey Salt!

Check out great Job Opportunities at Honey Salt. Become part of our family!

Restaurant General Manager – Apply Here

Line Cook – Apply Here

View other Job Opportunities within the company!


5 Beers to Try This Season at Big Dog’s Brewing Company

brewery in las vegas

Entering a new season of the year is exciting because that means new, refreshing beers to taste. When the weather gets warmer, Las Vegas brewing companies shuffle out their autumn and winter stouts and brown ales for a lighter palette of brews that resonate with spring and summer. Beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike are putting saisons and IPA craft beers of Las Vegas in their fridges to prepare for that summer desert heat.  

While on your Las Vegas brewery tour in search of the perfect crisp beer to beat the heat with, don’t sleep on Big Dog’s Brewing Company. This brewery has a thing for all things Wisconsin, a state that is known for acing the art of craft beer. Their extensive list of brews includes their signature classics and new experimental beers.

Recommended Tastings

Big Dog’s Brewing Company has so many tasty beers, so we get that it’s hard to choose just one to try. But with a little help from the beer experts at the Las Vegas brewing company, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are our favorite beers that we will be drinking by the pool, while watching the Golden Knights win again, or while enjoying another evening out in Las Vegas.

Tequila Barrel Aged Saison Lime Radler

It’s a mouthful to say, but it’s also a mouthful of flavor. This punchy saison is like the classic Dog Gone Saison—but with a twist of aged tequila and lime. Pair it with some delicious shareables: Buffalo Cauliflower, House Made Pretzel Sticks, and Hudson Valley Duck Wings.

Dog Gone Saison

If the beer has a seasonal spinoff, you can safely assume the original hits the spot. This sour beer is also light, which means the perfect time to crack this cold one open is now through October. It goes down even better when tried with a healthy side of Grilled Delta Asparagus.

Underbite IPA

This brew is a Big Dog’s Brewing Company classic for a reason. Packed with citrus and pine flavors, the Underbite IPA is dry and goes down smoothly—so be careful. It tastes even better when paired with your dinner: the Dirty Dog IPA Battered Cod, Grilled Bone-In New York Strip, Hand-Cut Kennebec Steak Fries, and Blue Lake Beans.

Tripel Dog Dare

You’re not full on food and craft beer yet, are you? The Tripel Dog Dare is the most bananas Belgian tripel you’ll ever try—it tastes like bananas and is slightly sweet—and it makes for a great dessert beer. We recommend pairing it with a dish of the Tripel Dog Dare Beeramisu.

It’s Beer O’Clock

If any of the descriptions of these beers and foods made your mouth water, here’s the good news. It will all be under the same roof for our Las Vegas foodies to try on May 22 at renowned Las Vegas restaurant Honey Salt. Tickets start at $49, which buys you good food, tasty brews, and even better times.

Honey Salt is happy to partner with the Las Vegas brewing company, Big Dog’s Brewing Company. Purchase tickets here, or visit our contact page to RSVP with us directly.

About Honey Salt

The first collaborative venture for renowned restaurateur Elizabeth Blau and her husband, award-winning Chef Kim Canteenwalla, Honey Salt is inspired by the couple’s passion for entertaining. Together, the couple is passionate in their desire to bring the freshest possible products to Honey Salt and have established and will continue to explore relationships with farmers, fishermen and growers who can provide the best meals possible.

A true neighborhood restaurant that combines classic comfort with a relaxed sophistication, Honey Salt delivers a contemporary experience complemented by the warmth and style of its dedicated owners. Serving chef-driven, farm to table cuisine with an emphasis on locally and regionally sourced ingredients in an approachable and comfortable setting.