5 Beers to Try This Season at Big Dog’s Brewing Company

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Entering a new season of the year is exciting because that means new, refreshing beers to taste. When the weather gets warmer, Las Vegas brewing companies shuffle out their autumn and winter stouts and brown ales for a lighter palette of brews that resonate with spring and summer. Beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike are putting saisons and IPA craft beers of Las Vegas in their fridges to prepare for that summer desert heat.  

While on your Las Vegas brewery tour in search of the perfect crisp beer to beat the heat with, don’t sleep on Big Dog’s Brewing Company. This brewery has a thing for all things Wisconsin, a state that is known for acing the art of craft beer. Their extensive list of brews includes their signature classics and new experimental beers.

Recommended Tastings

Big Dog’s Brewing Company has so many tasty beers, so we get that it’s hard to choose just one to try. But with a little help from the beer experts at the Las Vegas brewing company, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are our favorite beers that we will be drinking by the pool, while watching the Golden Knights win again, or while enjoying another evening out in Las Vegas.

Tequila Barrel Aged Saison Lime Radler

It’s a mouthful to say, but it’s also a mouthful of flavor. This punchy saison is like the classic Dog Gone Saison—but with a twist of aged tequila and lime. Pair it with some delicious shareables: Buffalo Cauliflower, House Made Pretzel Sticks, and Hudson Valley Duck Wings.

Dog Gone Saison

If the beer has a seasonal spinoff, you can safely assume the original hits the spot. This sour beer is also light, which means the perfect time to crack this cold one open is now through October. It goes down even better when tried with a healthy side of Grilled Delta Asparagus.

Underbite IPA

This brew is a Big Dog’s Brewing Company classic for a reason. Packed with citrus and pine flavors, the Underbite IPA is dry and goes down smoothly—so be careful. It tastes even better when paired with your dinner: the Dirty Dog IPA Battered Cod, Grilled Bone-In New York Strip, Hand-Cut Kennebec Steak Fries, and Blue Lake Beans.

Tripel Dog Dare

You’re not full on food and craft beer yet, are you? The Tripel Dog Dare is the most bananas Belgian tripel you’ll ever try—it tastes like bananas and is slightly sweet—and it makes for a great dessert beer. We recommend pairing it with a dish of the Tripel Dog Dare Beeramisu.

It’s Beer O’Clock

If any of the descriptions of these beers and foods made your mouth water, here’s the good news. It will all be under the same roof for our Las Vegas foodies to try on May 22 at renowned Las Vegas restaurant Honey Salt. Tickets start at $49, which buys you good food, tasty brews, and even better times.

Honey Salt is happy to partner with the Las Vegas brewing company, Big Dog’s Brewing Company. Purchase tickets here, or visit our contact page to RSVP with us directly.