4 Ways to Celebrate International Beer Day

Affectionately known to avid beer drinkers as IBD, August 3rd is International Beer Day. You may not know about this fun holiday, but it is celebrated annually all over the globe. There are festivities in pubs, breweries, and backyards that include international beer day offers and specials. Any way you pour it, the day is for beer lovers to share a round of cheers in the greatness of beer.

Brew Up, Bro Out and Chill

Don’t even think about spending the day alone! Get your best group of compadres together because good friends plus great beer equals a fantastic time. Although going bottoms up with the drinks is a guaranteed good time, what drinking without a little bit of conversation.  Some of the best memories are made with your favorite company and some stouts.


Give the Gift of Ale

What’s better than beer? Free beer! I don’t think anyone would refuse your complimentary serving (or servings) their favorite brew. You can make it a tradition to make International Beer Day your official day of servitude and giving by buying a round your friends! This holiday is also the opportune time to shine by reciting your best beer cheers for your friends like:

“Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. So why not get wasted and have the time of our life?”

“There are steel ships and wood ships, but the best ships are FRIENDSHIPS!”

Still stumped on what to say, check out Buzzfeed’s article for ideas on international beer day cheers.

Get Social… Media.

What better way to practice your social media skills that on a beer model. With so many to choose from, show the best of international beer day offers through your own social media platform.

Food and Drink pictures are super popular on all social platforms, so today would be a great day to post something that’s trending. You can join in the fun and start hashtagging. #InternationalBeerDay.

international beer day

Cheers to the Brewer and Tips to the Bartender

When you tip, we tip, they tip! This would be the day to honor the thousands of men and women that devote their lives to providing us with the best hospitality and service and hosting good times for all. They have committed to pouring a variety of beers and cocktails, and we can salute and honor our most trusted bartenders on International Beer Day.  Whether it’s showing your appreciation through words in a note, a bigger than usual tip, or a sentimental verbal thanks, they will surely appreciate the love you show them on this day.

Celebrate at Honey Salt

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